Foundation Kopā is an experienced service provider for people with mental and learning difficulties in Latvia with high standards to provided services and quality along with low staff turnover and high satisfaction rates.

One of our main goals is to promote widely accessible community based services and their development for people with mental and learning difficulties by:

  • providing support for individuals and families
  • backing similar organizations
  • providing information on current legislation
  • teaching and sharing our experience
  • reducing social exclusion

In our work we incorporate the values, possibilities, current events, novelties and the needs of both individual and society resulting in us becoming one of the key players in the field of community based services and advocacy of rights of people with disabilities. We participate in legislation and administration of local and national governments and through project work and participation in our umbrella organization Latvian Movement for Independent Living (LATMIL) we have established ourselves as an organization with various resources and abilities to provide full spectrum of services.