Over the years we have benefitted as an organization and both our employees and clients individually from participating in international projects. The benefits we see most often are from international youth exchanges for inclusion and informal learning. Every time we return from a project, we see the growth and self-development of our youngsters. We also implement new knowledge we have learned over the years and good practices shared by other organizations and are happy to share our good practices which we have developed in over 20 years of working in Latvia.

As an organization we participate in various local and international projects:

  • Youth exchanges and KA1 with Erasmus+
  • Erasmus+ KA2 projects
  • Local projects with

Moreover we’re a part of umbrella organization Latvian Movement for Independent Living and participate in advocacy as well as legislative projects. 

We specialize in projects which are on following topics:

  • Social inclusion
  • Independent living
  • Informal education
  • Life-long education
  • Nutrition and health
  • Inclusive sports

We believe that a picture speaks a thousand words, please check the galleries of our most recent projects (2021-2022). As an organization we are happy to participate in Erasmus+ projects as a partner.