Foundation Kopā is a public benefit organization; our everyday work and source of income is providing services for people with mental and learning difficulties, but we have bigger dreams and goals to implement which we need additional financial support from our friends and benefiters.

Currently we are looking for funding to install a wheelchair suitable lift in our day care center. The aim of this lift is to make our service more accessible and suited also for people with mental and physical difficulties. We are unable to attract funding from Riga municipality, so we are asking our supporters! Together we need to raise 16 000eur. If you are willing to support this cause, please donate to:

Nodibinājums „Fonds KOPĀ”

Reģ. Nr.:         40003415779
Adrese:          Raunas iela 6, Rīga LV-1039
Banka:           A/S SEB Banka
Kods:             UNLALV2X
Konts:            LV64 UNLA 0001 0174 6970 7

Reference: donation!

Thank you!