Natural Senses

This was one of the magical projects we have ever participated in. Full of imagination, exploration and creation. Project was born and created from a partnership with Ex-Duco Lab (Italy), Margarita (Greece) and Asociatia “Down Active” Moldova (Romania), it took place in beautiful Sicilian countryside.

During project we explored the world around us using all of our senses: the touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. We allowed ourselves to be silly and to be free, we created and we danced. And above all we learned. We learned language via communication, we learned to express ourselves without using words. We learned to be autonomous and to take care of our surroundings. We also learned some very practical skills: how to make a pizza, how to clean the kitchen and common areas and how to interact with our peers and youth workers.

Let the pictures of this project do all the talking!